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TikTok Statistics To Know in 2023

The Ultimate TikTok Study


TikTok, the video-sharing app and a sensational trend, has the attention of millions of users. With its unique algorithm and engaging videos, the platform keeps its users hooked and glued to their screens. As the popularity of TikTok continues to soar, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the most interesting TikTok statistics.

The Influencity team extensively analyzed TikTok statistics to provide the latest and most reliable data on this popular social media platform. The team analyzed data from over 100 Ahrefs sites and more than 100 reports, surveys, and case studies to better understand the current trends and patterns in the TikTok world. The result of such an extensive analysis has led us to data including TikTok user statistics, TikTok usage statistics, TikTok user demographics, and more.

All the data used in this analysis was carefully sourced and verified for accuracy and reliability. This ensures the resulting TikTok statistics are robust and trustworthy, providing valuable insights for businesses, influencers, and content creators.

So, whether you’re just starting on TikTok or looking to optimize your existing presence, this TikTok study can help guide your strategy and inform your decisions.

Key Findings

  • TikTok currently boasts 1.4 billion monthly active users and will reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2023.
  • USA takes the lead with 150 million active TikTok users.
  • People aged 18 to 24 comprise almost 40% of the platform’s audience, with 419.9 million users falling within this age range.
  • 46% of TikTok users cite entertainment as their primary motivation for using the app.
  • 55.5% of brands prefer TikTok over other platforms for influencer marketing.
  • This year TikTok is the most popular social media platform, with an average daily usage of 55.8 minutes.
  • TikTok is the #1 most downloaded app globally.
  • The United States has a large pool of influencers, with 10,116,950 individuals considered as such.

Topics Covered

Social Media State 2023

Scrolling through social feeds has become impossible to get over for many social media users. While this might feel like a burden for consumers, for marketers, this is an era of investments and efforts in social media. With that in mind, let’s look at the state of social media in 2023.


The use of social search is on the rise, and it is gaining more popularity compared to traditional search engines

Most social media marketers consider social search a crucial component of their overall social media strategy, with 89% of respondents indicating so. Additionally, a significant number of these marketers (87%) predict that in 2023, consumers will be more inclined to search for brands on social media platforms than traditional search engines. But is that really the case?


Consumers who search for brands on social media more often than through search engines are on the rise

Although many consumers across all age groups still rely on search engines for brand discovery, others are turning to social media to do so. As reported, Gen Z has the highest percentage of people searching for brands on social media platforms rather than search engines, with 36% of respondents indicating so. Millennials are the second-most likely age group to use social media for brand searching, with 22% of respondents doing so, followed closely by Gen X with 21%. In contrast, only 6% of Boomers reported searching for brands on social media.

Percentage-of-consumers-who-search-for-brands-on-social-media-more-often-than-through-search-engines-1 (1)

Top social media platforms for audience growth

TikTok is one of the highest platforms, with a potential growth rate of 20% for brands in 2023, just behind Instagram. While Facebook and YouTube have relatively high potential at 17% and 15%, respectively, LinkedIn and Twitter have lower potential at 7% and 6%.

Worldwide TikTok Users

TikTok has overtaken Instagram and is now the most downloaded app globally. It currently has 1.4 billion monthly active users and is projected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2023.


USA takes the lead with 150 million active TikTok users

TikTok’s popularity has been booming as its user base is increasing rapidly. As of 2023, the United States has the highest number of active TikTok users, with an astonishing 150 million using the app. Indonesia follows with 113.0 million users, and Brazil with 84.1 million.

With the US’s large and growing user base, it’s clear that TikTok has become a significant player in the social media landscape. Its impact on popular culture and entertainment will grow in the coming years.


Saudi Arabia lags in TikTok usage

While the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil have the highest number of active TikTok users worldwide, Saudi Arabia has the lowest number of users, with only 28.4 million using the app.

See below for the number of active TikTok users by country:

TikTok users by gender

TikTok’s advertising audience data for 2023 reveals an interesting gender breakdown among its global users. According to the data, the platform has a higher female user base. Specifically, 53.4% of TikTok’s users are female, while males represent 46.6% of the users.

Here is a breakdown of the TikTok users by age group and gender:

TikTok Age Demographics

TikTok’s popularity continues to grow, especially among younger generations. But to what extent? Let’s examine each age group more closely.


How many users does TikTok have in younger age groups in 2023?

TikTok is known as the app of the younger generations, mainly Gen Z and Millennials. More particularly, users aged 18 to 24 comprise almost 40% of the platform’s audience, with 419.9 million users falling within this age range. TikTok’s popularity with younger audiences is due to its emphasis on short, visually captivating content, making it an effective platform for targeting this demographic.

TikTok also reaches other age groups

An additional 354.8 million users on the platform are between the ages of 25 and 34. This group represents over 32.5% of the platform’s ad audience, making it a significant target for marketers. With TikTok’s ability to showcase creativity, humor, and authentic storytelling, it’s no wonder this age group is also engaging with the platform.


TikTok keeps millions of older age groups engaged

While TikTok may not be the first social media network that comes to mind when targeting older age groups, it actually has 60.1 million users aged 55 and above. This demographic represents 5.5% of the platform’s ad audience and a growing market for marketers.

Understanding the Popularity of TikTok

Social media, TikTok in particular, are not used just for staying connected anymore. Recent reports reveal that entertainment and learning are among the main reasons users engage with social media platforms.


Most social media and TikTok users use these platforms for entertainment purposes

Recent data show that social media and TikTok are predominantly used for entertainment. More specifically, approximately 51% of all social media users and 46% of TikTok users cite entertainment as their primary motivation for engaging with these platforms.

Only 15% of TikTok users utilize the app to stay connected with friends and family

A significant majority of social media users, around 67%, use these platforms to stay connected with their friends and family. However, TikTok is used less frequently for this purpose, with only 15% of TikTok users reporting utilizing the app to stay in touch with their loved ones.


Other most commonly cited reasons for TikTok usage by users

Besides using TikTok for entertainment, another popular reason for its usage is to learn new things, with 26% of respondents reporting so. Such a percentage shows that TikTok is a source of information and knowledge, which aligns with the increasing trend of using social media for learning and self-improvement.

Regarding inspiration and ideas, 23% of respondents use TikTok for this purpose, which marks the platform’s potential as a creative and inspirational tool. Notably, 20% of respondents use TikTok to keep up with news and cultural events, which indicates that TikTok is emerging as a source of information and news for some users.

TikTok Usage Statistics

Despite being a relatively newer social media platform compared to others, TikTok has quickly become one of the most widely used platforms in terms of daily usage. The average time users spend on TikTok has surpassed that of many other social media platforms, indicating its growing popularity.


US adult TikTok users spend almost an hour a day on the app

According to the latest statistics, social media usage in 2023 varies by platform, with TikTok being the most popular. On average, TikTok users spend 55.8 minutes daily using the app. This trend could be attributed to the growing popularity of short-form video content, which is the hallmark of TikTok.

TikTok & Marketing

In recent years, TikTok has emerged as a powerful marketing tool, allowing businesses to reach a vast and engaged audience. By leveraging the app’s features, such as viral challenges and influencers, brands can effectively market their products and services to any demographic in a way that resonates with them. TikTok influencer marketing has become a baseline for many brands and agencies.


Influencer marketing will grow to be worth $21.1 billion in 2023

In 2016, the market size of influencer marketing was only $1.7 billion. However, it has grown significantly over the years, and it reached an estimated worth of $16.4 billion in 2022. The projections for the market show a further growth of 29%, which translates to an estimated value of $21.1 billion in 2023.

The vast majority of people still see influencer marketing as effective

More than 83% of respondents consider influencer marketing an effective way of promoting products or services. This answer suggests that despite the challenges and criticisms that influencer marketing has faced, most consumers still perceive it as a valuable marketing strategy.


More than half of influencer marketing brands favor TikTok as their primary platform

The rise of social media platforms has provided a new opportunity for brands to market their products and services. In recent years, influencer marketing has gained momentum as a successful brand strategy to reach a wider audience.

Current data suggest that TikTok has become the primary platform of choice for most brands utilizing influencer marketing, with 55.5% of brands favoring it over other platforms. It is a significant increase considering TikTok took over Instagram, which was the first influencer marketing brand choice until last year. However, this year it came in second place with 50.8%. Facebook and YouTube follow with 42.1% and 38.3%, respectively.

Short-form video ROI: TikTok remains one of the top performers

Regarding projections about the short-form video platforms that would provide the highest return on investment (ROI) in 2023, the findings reveal a relatively close competition for the top spot, with TikTok securing 42% of the votes and Instagram Reels following with 34%.

Meanwhile, 19% of respondents expressed their confidence in the potential of YouTube Shorts to deliver the best ROI. In contrast, a few loyal Snapchat users, accounting for 6%, selected Snapchat Spotlights as their preferred option.

Trending TikTok Hashtags

In the past 30 days, various trending TikTok hashtags have garnered significant attention and engagement. Specifically, the hashtag #ai, with 750K posts and 5B views, demonstrates a strong interest in artificial intelligence-related content. 

Sports enthusiasts have been captivated by #manchestercity, which has accumulated 210K posts and 4B views, showcasing the popularity of football-related content. 

The gaming community has embraced the #fnaf hashtag, generating 218K posts and 3B views.

Here is the list of the best-trending hashtags in the last 30 days













Sports & Outdoor










News & Entertainment




















Sports & Outdoor










News & Entertainment



US TikTok Influencer Statistics

The United States has a large pool of influencers, with 10M individuals considered as such. Among them, female influencers may be more prominent. Specifically, the number of female influencers reaches 4.7M. Male influencers, on the other hand, make up only 2.8M influencers. Lastly, neutral-gender influencers follow with 2.5M.

Latin America surpasses 12M engaged influencers

Latin America boasts many influencers, with over 12M individuals engaging with the platform. Among them, approximately 3.3M identify as male influencers, 6.3M female influencers, and 2.5M influencers identify as gender-neutral (the gender-neutral section encompasses entities such as companies, groups, places, and influencers that do not adhere to specific gender classifications). 

The number of influencers varies across countries, with Brazil leading with an impressive 5.5M influencers. Other notable countries include Mexico, with 2.47M influencers, and Argentina, with 903,738 influencers. 

Female influencers dominate the influencer industry across various countries

Female influencers have a strong representation in most of the LATAM countries selected, reaching millions in countries like Mexico and Brazil, with 1.2M and 2.9M female influencers, respectively. This indicates that female influencers actively participate in the influencer industry across these regions.

Male influencers also have a significant presence, with most countries having hundreds of thousands and Brazil reaching 1.5M of them. However, male influencers tend to be slightly lower in representation compared to female influencers in most LATAM countries/territories.

Gender-neutral influencers show a growing but still underrepresented segment in the influencer industry

Gender-neutral influencers, though present, generally have a smaller share compared to male and female influencers. Their numbers range from 14 to 1,1M, indicating a varying level of inclusion of gender-neutral influencers in different regions.

EU TikTok Influencer Statistics

More than 15M European TikTok users are considered influencers. Similar to the US state of influencers, female influencers take the lead with over 6M. Male influencers follow with 5M. Gender-neutral influencers are third on the list, with 4M.

Gender-neutral influencers are third on the list

The gender-neutral section of European TikTok influencers consists of approximately 4M individuals, including companies, groups, places, and influencers who do not specify gender. This diverse category encompasses brands and organizations using TikTok to promote their products and services, groups collaborating on shared interests, influencers representing various locations, and individuals who identify as non-binary or choose not to disclose their gender. This group contributes to TikTok's diverse content landscape, offering multiple perspectives and narratives to engage a broad audience.

Nano and micro-influencers hold strong

According to the latest data, nano and micro-influencers comprise 99% of all influencers. It is worth noting that female influencers lead these categories with 5.6M and 600,106, respectively. Male influencers follow with around 4.5M and 454,663.

Male mega-influencers in the majority

Although all other influencer types are female-dominated, males lead in the category of mega-influencers, with a total of 3,997. Females second that with 3,034.


United Kingdom and Russia take the lead among influencers

Russia is positioned number #1 in the list, with the highest number of influencers reaching up to 3.7M. UK seconds with almost 2M influencers. Below you can find a detailed distribution of influencers in each country.


Based on the detailed analysis of TikTok statistics presented, it is clear that TikTok has gained immense popularity and is significantly impacting how people consume and share content.

TikTok has become a powerful tool for social media marketing, with many businesses and influencers leveraging the platform to reach a large and diverse audience. Overall, TikTok’s growth and influence in the social media landscape are impressive, and it will be fascinating to see how the platform continues to evolve in the years to come.